Get your horse on the 

Methods for Equine Nurturing & Development


Our mission is to contribute to sustainable, successful careers with therapeutic methods that nurture the development of majestic self carriage. 

We believe that all horses are athletes requiring regular sports therapy. 

We support a multifaceted plan for preventative maintenance & long term rehabilitation.  

We are advocates of equine aftercare & animal welfare.

Guiding Principles


Move Majestic

Sports therapy improves movement & enhances athleticism in racehorses, pleasure horses & sporthorses.


Touch the Gold Standard

Sports therapy is an interactive experience requiring a trained practitioner with exceptional touch.


Know Your Worth

We are passionate about delivering high value & gladly make referrals for best outcomes.


Seek Authentic Solutions

 Comprehensive, individualized sessions + multiple modalities = unrivaled results.


Commit to Curiosity

Effective sports therapy requires ongoing education & collaboration.


    Why the dot?

    Our name was inspired by WINDHORSE which exemplifies powerful energy & well-being.

    The dot in this symbol = absolute bliss.    

    MEND: align, balance, calibrate, fine-tune, focus, improve, readjust, rehab, sharpen, square, troubleshoot, tune up