Get your horse on the 

Methods for Equine Nurturing & Development


To nurture each horse with methods that develop majestic movement.

Athletic demands overtax pleasure horses, racehorses, and sporthorses. Every horse is unique; therefore, one therapeutic method or machine is insufficient.  Knowledge always outclasses gadgets. Successful, sustainable careers evolve through attention to detail. Sessions do not fit into a predetermined time-frame or cookie cutter strategy.


COMMIT TO CURIOSITY:  Collaborate with colleagues and focus on continuing education.

KNOW YOUR WORTH:  Deliver high value outcomes & adhere to veterinary laws.

TOUCH, THE GOLD STANDARD: Provide a unique, interactive experience with a trained & exceptional touch.

SEEK AUTHENTIC SOLUTIONS: Create unrivaled results through comprehensive sessions.


The name MENDHORSE was inspired by WINDHORSE: a Buddhist symbol of powerful energy. The dot was added (MEND.HORSE) to mark the website address and to highlight the crowning dot in this image which represents absolute bliss.

MEND: align, balance, calibrate, fine-tune, focus, sharpen, square, troubleshoot, tune up