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What to Expect

If this is your first experience with therapy, you may wonder how it works. It is quite similar to a human PT session or a manual therapy session. I will ask for a lot of background info and assess your horse visually and tactilely. Manual therapy is the keystone for the session, followed by any and all technologies and modalities that will best suit your horse. 

Our work will never harm your horse because it's success is driven by comfort, compliance, and relaxation. This is not vet med, but it may complement standard medical practices. I will ask for vet approval and I often work with vet referrals. Your horse's well being is crucial, and vet supervision is essential.

Sometimes, one session is all it takes for a big change. More often than not, multiple sessions and regular sessions are the best way to go. It is completely up to you, your horse, and your goals.

Thanks to Cecy Rose for the fabulous portraits of Call Me Gusto and Solstice.

Not a Veterinary Substitute. MEND.HORSE LLC works with your vet.

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