Ellen Murphy

USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist  

Liz is so intuitive and good at listening to the horses.  The results we see in our entire barn of horses speak for themselves.  We are so lucky to have MEND support us. 

Kathy Lindsey

2018 World Clydesdale Champion, Ladies Pleasure Single Cart  

Liz has magic fingers.  Dolly loves it when Liz comes to work on her. Bodywork is an important part of maintaining an equine athlete.  We have been impressed with the professionalism and quality of Liz Douglas' work.    

Jordan Pruiksma

 2018 Retired Racehorse Project 

(video: Cozmic One ) 

Thank you so much for the work you did!  I know both horses really enjoyed it!    

Dani Ritter

Assistant Trainer, Ellen Murphy Sporthorses 

Love Liz Douglas and her magic hands.  She keeps Junior feeling great.

...and other encouraging words: 

  • It looks like she responded very well to the first session!
  • Our colt just had his best breeze ever [after the session].
  • This horse has been disappointing us lately- we don't expect much. (comfortably ran 3rd after session)
  • Our mare is always improved after you work on her.
  • Keep on doing what you're doing- it's working. 
  • Best dressage score ever & jumped clear.

& our favorite praise of all: 

snuggles and nickers from our horse clients.

MEND: align, balance, calibrate, fine-tune, focus, improve, readjust, rehab, sharpen, square, troubleshoot, tune up