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Comprehensive Equine Bodywork

MEND.HORSE LLC provides therapeutic Methods for Equine Nurturing & Development. 

OUR MISSION: To improve equine performance, mood, & spirit.

We do not practice vet medicine.  We work with vets to enhance horse health.  Always check with your vet before therapy sessions.

No gimmicks.  We aim to demystify equine bodywork and refashion it into an intrinsic aspect of horse care.  We offer competitive rates and positive results.  We promise to effectively serve the horse's needs.  We don't promise miracles.

All ridden horses are athletes.  We work with professional and amateur teams.

There is no "one size fits all" technique.   Horses respond best to tailored therapy sessions; therefore, we use a variety of tools and modalities to achieve the most effective results.  

Effective therapy requires ongoing education, research and collaboration.  We endorse and provide responsible, educated and accredited equine therapists.

Therapy is an interactive experience.  It requires focused communication between a trained practitioner and the animal receiving the work.  Therapeutic devices assist in this venture, but they cannot direct it.  Machines are tools to serve therapists. 

Know your worth.  Therapy prices used to be relatively comparable.  Large machine companies have caused a plethora of cheap competition.  We feel confident that you will find the best therapy plan for your horse with us or with one of our colleagues.  If we are unable to help you, we will gladly make referrals.   

More and more vets are adding therapeutic services into their practices-- this attests to its effectiveness.


Our name is inspired by the idea of WIND HORSE which exemplifies well-being; the dot at the top of the OM symbol represents absolute peace & bliss.

MEND: align, balance, calibrate, fine-tune, focus, improve, readjust, rehab, sharpen, square, troubleshoot, tune up