• Massage & Bodywork 
    • Integrates myofascial release, trigger point work, sports massage, acupressure, and other techniques as needed. 
  • Pre and Post Chiropractic Massage Sessions
    • Often helps adjustments "stick" longer.  Coordinate with your practitioner for best results.
  • Rehabilitation Protocols  
    • As prescribed by your veterinarian. We offer PEMF, E-stim, LLLT, Far Infrared Radiation, & EQUltrasound. 
  • Foal & Yearling Massage
    • Post acupuncture; pre-sales. May augment social/behavioral skills.
  • Conditioning Exercises
    • Proprioceptive work, stretching, core work. We also offer specialized remedial groundwork & riding for horses returning to work post-injury.
  • Additional
    • Taping, Infrasound, Reiki, & Meridian work to complement regular sessions. 

Your horse's well-being is our #1 priority.  We will work with you to create a cost effective plan that best suits your horse and budget. 

Special rates for students, sponsored clients, groups, and multiple sessions. 

Prices vary depending on needs; however, an average session typically costs: $120 for massage and modality (90 minutes--recommended) or $90 for massage or modality (50 minutes).   

MEND: align, balance, bring into line, calibrate, connect, fine-tune, fit, focus, improve, overhaul, polish, readjust, rectify, rehab, service, sharpen, square, tighten, troubleshoot, tune up